Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MY Reflection

ON that day that very day we went to gunung pancar to saw the waterfall it was very tired day we must walk along the way until the waterfall. What i've learn is the we must care for our environment because if we dont care what would this world be.....

When we walk through the rice field we ask 'pak mengapa orang-orang itu memotong pohon pisang' the bapak said that they just cut it for fun. What I've learn that we may not cut down tree is bad when that tree is growing to be storng.

When we in the waterfall it was a beautiful waterfall and it's full of fresh water it was very good environment no trash no dirty things it was clean as a nature afterthat we heard that the waterfall and all that rice field being change to be a factory it was quiet sad. That great waterfall being destroy. from that experience I've learn that nature may not be destroy because it will destroy the environment. My feeling was happy but quiet sad because that waterfall and all of it will be change into a factory. SO that is my reflection.

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