Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to make a wooden go-kart

If you want to make a simple go kart like wooden I should tell you how to make it now so here is the things:

1. Nails
2. hammer
3. handsaw
4. ruler and mesuremant tape
5. electric hand drill
6. metal hacksaw
7. planks
8. adjustable spanner

If you have all of it then I will tell you now how to make a wooden go kart.

Part 1: If you want to make a wooden go kart try to imagine it first or draw in your book how do you pjan it and make.

Part 2: You need to make 1.2 meters long wooden and 0.2 meters wide wooden if your friend is to big or to small make the lenght easier and fit.

Part 3: first you need to have a 100 mm wooden planks or 4 wide. you need thicker and longer chasis. The wide of the go kart is up to you but my suggestion so is not critical the front of a wooden go kart must to be 100mmX75mmdeep [4X3] and times with 550mm long.

Part 4: You need to have a detail diagram and measurment you need a timber and cut it into 100mmX75mmX1250mm. You need to have 60degree of pointing the go kart.The main chasis you need to have 155mmx15mm square slot along the lenght of the go kart.

so that is how to make a wooden go kart bye.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I believe, You believe

Theme: How we express our selves

Central Idea: The believes and cultures are conveyed through rituals, celebration, the arts and the way people live their lives.

Reflection: Learner profile? What did I learn? I learn about my belief and others then I showed on my blog so everyone can see what I use to belief. In this section I was being Risk-taker because I can show my believe. Then to show more believe. I learn about Beatrix potter beliefs and we can watch it to I was being well-balanced because I can write many things about ms.Potter. Next I learn how to write God's love in haiku poem it was great my feeling was cool and on that day I was being Knowledgeable. I can learned many things about God's love. For the Religion project I learn so..... many things about Catholic and the history. We need to search about our religion where it came from the history the origin after that we must post it in our blog in that day I learn so many things I was being a thinkner because I was practicing my thingking skills how can I write the project?. And the last and not least the Religion exibition that is the last work we must do everything that we learn then we make it then put it in a display board I learn how to decorate and to make people like our information not just that I learn how to be principled, open-minded in this expo and I try my best in this expo until I had a good mark. And I've been open-minded in this expo.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Religion expo

For my religion expo my group will do some putting on our display board and how we gonna do it it's like this we will put the information and decoration on the display board how we ganno do it ? we will bring things and put it in the right time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dear diary, day one

First day. Dear diary, today, my cousins, my uncle and my aunti came to my house to spend their holiday. I was so happy because I knew that I was not alone for a moment. It was the greatest day of my live. They have been staying since Friday. I enjoyed for spending my time with them. Diary, this is my story for today. Bye!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Do you believe that drawings can talk to you ? Do believe that animals can talk to you? Then I should tell about Beatrix Potter.

Beatrix was a creative person because when she was a little girl her drawing were very amazing. Then, when she grew up her drawings were much better. She was a famous artist until this day her drawings were now in books and on stationary.But that was a long time ago.

Beatrixs was a were Risk-taker she was responsible and independent why? because when mr.warne ask Beatrix to marry her Beatrix said yes but her mother did not approve. Her mother said 'no' but Beatrix stood up to her and she was a Risk-taker. Then her mother said she will not give her any money. Beatrix was very independent because she was an artist and she bought her own house. Her money increased so Beatrix was responsible because she could take care of her self until she died.

The conclusion are she was married with mr.Wille Hillis and her mother did not approve. Beatrix Potter gave a lots and lots of money to the charity and Beatrixs still the top one drawer until this day her drawings are still popular. Those are the most important things about Beatrix Potter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007


Do you know what catholic is? Have you ever heard about Catholics's history and its followers? This is the time for me to tell you.

When we walk around in this world, we will find at least one people who are Catholic. There is one country which almost the populations are Catholic. It is Timor. So it is easy for us to find Catholic people there. Can we imagine that since the first time Catholic is one of the biggest religions in this world?

The history of catholic was started two thousand years ago. Talk about the history of Catholic can not be separated with the beginning structure for the early Christian Church and the Christianity. It is because the basis is person and teaching about Jesus Christ, that are described in four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Simon Peter, one of Jesus' disciples became a strong leader in the Jewish Christian movement after Jesus died. Then it was followed by James. At that time, there was also Saul, one of the strongest persecutors of Christians, had a blinding vision from Jesus Christ on his road to Damascus. Then he became a Christian and changed his name into Paul. He became the greatest evangelist of the early Christian church. His ministry was Paul's ministry and also called Pauline Christianity. Since the beginning, the early church was already becoming divided.

In 313 AD The Roman Empire officially recognized Pauline Christianity became a legal religion. During the following 1000 years, Catholics were the only people recognized as Christians. In 1054 AD, there was a split between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. It also has effects today. They become two big Catholics that have their own followers.

The central place of Roman Catholic is Vatican. The Catholic Church believes that the Pope as the successor of Saint Peter and the singular leader of the whole Church on earth.
Catholic or Roman Catholic believes in Jesus and spread love to others. It is almost similar teaching with Christianity.

As a conclusion from the history of Catholics, we know that the main topic is believe in God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beatrix Potter

Do you believe in your imaganation? Do you have a deep imaganation? Are your imaganation can talk to you? Beatrix Potter is the great author about Benjamin bunny her imaganation is very deep and her imaganation is off limit she can talk with her drawing because her imaganation is more than a kid some people thinks that Beatrix are crazy but some people thinks are not.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What I use to believe

When i was a kid i use to believe that i am a spiderman and that all people is a animal that eats clothes. That what i use to believe in.

Friday, September 14, 2007

What is God Right NOW !!!!

I believe now is God is almighty and it's like Jesus. Where is God ? God is every where in our heart in our thoughts and God help's us everyday like doing our work at school. I believe now is what can we do to make God Happy? like now we are doing our work that make god happy right . How can we communicate with God ? we can communicate in our heart.Or Now when we do our work, we can communicate with our brain when we have a problem with our work now. When should we believe in God ? we should believe in God right now because we need to believe in God right now. Because if we not believe we cannot do anything right now why we need God? so we can do anything if we have God.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Digestive System

Hello… I am a piece of cake. I was chewed by a boy and now I am put into his mouth. I am wet by his saliva. His digestive system has been doing his action.

In the mouth
I am bitten by his teeth and broken down into small pieces. His saliva from salivary glands makes me wetter. There is an enzyme in his mouth. It is ptyalin and changed me into sugar.

Here I go. I have to enter a long tube called esophagus. How can I go there? He swallowed me and squeezes me into that tube. There is a wave-like contraction that helps me to go to the stomach. It is called peristalsis. So he must not talk when he swallows me. It can make him cough.

Now I am in his stomach. His stomach is like a bag. This is a temporary store for all the food that he eats. Here, I am broken down more so I become smaller. I am mixing with the digestive juices like enzymes and acids. They make me wetter. The acid and enzymes help me break down into a thick, creamy fluid called chyme.

Small intestine
My journey is in small intestine now. The small intestine is a long tube. It is about 3.5 to 5 centimetres) around, and it's packed inside the stomach. It would be about 6.7 meters. In this place I was further broken down into smaller molecules of nutrients that can be absorbed by the villi. Villi is a tiny-finger like. Then I enter his blood vessels so my nutrients will go to his body cells. Small intestine also gets a help from the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. I may spend as long as 4 hours in the small intestine and I will become a very thin, watery mixture.

Large intestine
I am so sad because we are not one anymore. Parts of me go to blood vessels and the other parts are useless. The useless parts have to enter the large intestine. Large intestine is wider than small intestine. Here, I get another activity. The water from was absorb, recycled and reused back to the body. The liquid paste of me changed into the solid waste. My last place now is rectum before I go out by anus.

That is my long journey.


Monday, August 20, 2007


Christian Glitter by

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Holiday

Last holiday, my father and I went to Singapore to meet my sister and mom who had been there first after Thailand because my sister joined choir olympic in Thailand. We spent 4 days in Singapore. We did some shopping there. I bought transformer toys and a cartoon network toys.

In Singapore, I met Hansen and Arvid. Hansen and I spent our time in foodcourt and mall. We had a great holiday in Singapore. I miss to go there again.

That's my holiday.