Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to make a wooden go-kart

If you want to make a simple go kart like wooden I should tell you how to make it now so here is the things:

1. Nails
2. hammer
3. handsaw
4. ruler and mesuremant tape
5. electric hand drill
6. metal hacksaw
7. planks
8. adjustable spanner

If you have all of it then I will tell you now how to make a wooden go kart.

Part 1: If you want to make a wooden go kart try to imagine it first or draw in your book how do you pjan it and make.

Part 2: You need to make 1.2 meters long wooden and 0.2 meters wide wooden if your friend is to big or to small make the lenght easier and fit.

Part 3: first you need to have a 100 mm wooden planks or 4 wide. you need thicker and longer chasis. The wide of the go kart is up to you but my suggestion so is not critical the front of a wooden go kart must to be 100mmX75mmdeep [4X3] and times with 550mm long.

Part 4: You need to have a detail diagram and measurment you need a timber and cut it into 100mmX75mmX1250mm. You need to have 60degree of pointing the go kart.The main chasis you need to have 155mmx15mm square slot along the lenght of the go kart.

so that is how to make a wooden go kart bye.

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Mrs. Jane said...

Hmmm your instructions are not very clear. Would you be able to make a go kart by following them?