Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MY Reflection

ON that day that very day we went to gunung pancar to saw the waterfall it was very tired day we must walk along the way until the waterfall. What i've learn is the we must care for our environment because if we dont care what would this world be.....

When we walk through the rice field we ask 'pak mengapa orang-orang itu memotong pohon pisang' the bapak said that they just cut it for fun. What I've learn that we may not cut down tree is bad when that tree is growing to be storng.

When we in the waterfall it was a beautiful waterfall and it's full of fresh water it was very good environment no trash no dirty things it was clean as a nature afterthat we heard that the waterfall and all that rice field being change to be a factory it was quiet sad. That great waterfall being destroy. from that experience I've learn that nature may not be destroy because it will destroy the environment. My feeling was happy but quiet sad because that waterfall and all of it will be change into a factory. SO that is my reflection.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


bibliograpy: http://www.ask.com/

Waterfall is a stream from a higher mountains/level waterfall has a layer of rocks that is softer than other.But if the rock is hard it would be hard for the water to stream. If the waterfall is small it would be a small water and maybe called cascade.

Waterfall can have water because the river always across the waterfall. If the slope increases the water flows faster than before and the waterfall with a great amount of water such as in gunung pancar is medium of water.

Waterfall can be form when a river slows down it's water can uncover the layers of the rocks. if the waterfall like gunung pancar has the softest layer it can make waterfall. Waterfall can be use by drinking it because it's very clean and fresh for example gunung pancar waterfall. Gunung pancar waterfall can be form when a river flows over the hard rock of layer it will be slow but if it's flows down to the softer layer it would be faster than before. The river become more steep and the edge too. After that it's develop as the waters flows ia become quicker over it. The softer layer being push because when it;s eroded it becomes more quickly become into waterfall.

The waterfall is a fragile enviroment because it can be easily to be a junkyard because every people can throw a rubbish in it with out care. Waterfall ca be stop by the global warming how? when the sun towards the mountain and the river in it would easily stop . And waterfall is a fragile environment because people can suck it into a tank then make it into an energi. so stop trahssing our waterfall in gunung pancar.

Monday, March 31, 2008

charlie 5

Chapter 5
Charlie asks Mr.Bucket to read the newspaper and in that paper Mr.Willy wonka allow 5 children to go to his chocolate factory then at the and of the tour each of the child will get much chocolate. But first they must get the golden tickets from the chocolate bar then Grandpa Joe was excited and Charlie because he want to get the golden ticket but Charlie only get on his birthday

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Charlie Summary for Chapter 3-4

For chapter 3 is about mr.Wonka and the Indian prince. Is about the prince wants an chocolate palace for his home but then the chocolate palace melt because of the sun.

And for chapter 4 is about Mr.Wonka secret workers.Is about the secret workers in this story grandpa joe says to charlie about the little workers he says to charlie that the secret worker was as little more than charlie.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to make a wooden go-kart

If you want to make a simple go kart like wooden I should tell you how to make it now so here is the things:

1. Nails
2. hammer
3. handsaw
4. ruler and mesuremant tape
5. electric hand drill
6. metal hacksaw
7. planks
8. adjustable spanner

If you have all of it then I will tell you now how to make a wooden go kart.

Part 1: If you want to make a wooden go kart try to imagine it first or draw in your book how do you pjan it and make.

Part 2: You need to make 1.2 meters long wooden and 0.2 meters wide wooden if your friend is to big or to small make the lenght easier and fit.

Part 3: first you need to have a 100 mm wooden planks or 4 wide. you need thicker and longer chasis. The wide of the go kart is up to you but my suggestion so is not critical the front of a wooden go kart must to be 100mmX75mmdeep [4X3] and times with 550mm long.

Part 4: You need to have a detail diagram and measurment you need a timber and cut it into 100mmX75mmX1250mm. You need to have 60degree of pointing the go kart.The main chasis you need to have 155mmx15mm square slot along the lenght of the go kart.

so that is how to make a wooden go kart bye.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I believe, You believe

Theme: How we express our selves

Central Idea: The believes and cultures are conveyed through rituals, celebration, the arts and the way people live their lives.

Reflection: Learner profile? What did I learn? I learn about my belief and others then I showed on my blog so everyone can see what I use to belief. In this section I was being Risk-taker because I can show my believe. Then to show more believe. I learn about Beatrix potter beliefs and we can watch it to I was being well-balanced because I can write many things about ms.Potter. Next I learn how to write God's love in haiku poem it was great my feeling was cool and on that day I was being Knowledgeable. I can learned many things about God's love. For the Religion project I learn so..... many things about Catholic and the history. We need to search about our religion where it came from the history the origin after that we must post it in our blog in that day I learn so many things I was being a thinkner because I was practicing my thingking skills how can I write the project?. And the last and not least the Religion exibition that is the last work we must do everything that we learn then we make it then put it in a display board I learn how to decorate and to make people like our information not just that I learn how to be principled, open-minded in this expo and I try my best in this expo until I had a good mark. And I've been open-minded in this expo.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Religion expo

For my religion expo my group will do some putting on our display board and how we gonna do it it's like this we will put the information and decoration on the display board how we ganno do it ? we will bring things and put it in the right time.