Saturday, November 10, 2007

I believe, You believe

Theme: How we express our selves

Central Idea: The believes and cultures are conveyed through rituals, celebration, the arts and the way people live their lives.

Reflection: Learner profile? What did I learn? I learn about my belief and others then I showed on my blog so everyone can see what I use to belief. In this section I was being Risk-taker because I can show my believe. Then to show more believe. I learn about Beatrix potter beliefs and we can watch it to I was being well-balanced because I can write many things about ms.Potter. Next I learn how to write God's love in haiku poem it was great my feeling was cool and on that day I was being Knowledgeable. I can learned many things about God's love. For the Religion project I learn so..... many things about Catholic and the history. We need to search about our religion where it came from the history the origin after that we must post it in our blog in that day I learn so many things I was being a thinkner because I was practicing my thingking skills how can I write the project?. And the last and not least the Religion exibition that is the last work we must do everything that we learn then we make it then put it in a display board I learn how to decorate and to make people like our information not just that I learn how to be principled, open-minded in this expo and I try my best in this expo until I had a good mark. And I've been open-minded in this expo.

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Jane Ross said...

6/10 Next time use correct punctuation and paragraphs Raymond!